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Dr.Lecturer Muzaffer Al

Dr. Lecturer Muzaffer Al was born in 1968 in Trabzon/Turkey,where he completed primary and secondary schools. After finishing high school at Maltepe school in Istanbul, he began studying medicine in 1985 at Ondokuz Mayis University which of he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1991.
He began his specialization in general surgery at Farabi Hospital in the faculty of medicine of Karadeniz Technical University in 1992 and completed his specialization in 1998. In 2002, he studied laparoscopic surgery at the General Surgery Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine in Çapa Hospital at Istanbul University, where he received training in laparoscopic surgery in 2006. In 2010, He had advanced training in laparoscopic surgery and obesity laparoscopic surgery at the General Surgery Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine in Cerrahpasa Hospital at Istanbul University. He became a member of the General Turkish Assembly of Obesity Surgery.
In 2014, he received advanced training in obesity surgery and metabolic surgery at IRCAD University in Strasbourg / France. With the support of Professor Sergio Santoro in 2013 at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, he began laparoscopic metabolic surgery in 2014. Thanks to his operations and studies, he was accepted as a member of the Society of Metabolic Surgery. His name was included in the Group of Metabolic Surgery. In 2015, he received training at the MetabolicSurgery Foundation organized by the Metabolic Surgery Foundation and the Association of Metabolic Surgery. On January 27, 2015, he held a seminar in Samsun/ Turkey which was the first of its kind on metabolic surgery and type 2 diabetes with the participation of two other doctors: Dr. Aytekin Oğuz from Istanbul Medeniyet University, and Dr. Alper Çelik.
Thanks to his work in the field of metabolic surgery, in addition to his studies, presentations and scientific participations abroad, he was accepted as a member of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) in 2017. He participated in the 22nd IFSO Conference in London between August 29 and September 2, 2017. He presented a poster entitled “Laparascopic Sleeve gastrectomy and Transit Bipartition to treat Type 2 diabetes in patients with BMI 28-32 kg/m2 type 2 diabetes and metabolic surgery”. The poster has been accepted.
He participated twice from 12 – 15 October 2017, by giving a speech at the 5th National Congress and the 3rd Mediterranean Congress forthe surgery of obesity and metabolic disorders, organized by the
General Assembly of Obesity Surgery, IFSO and IBC, under the title “How should the diet of patients be after Transit Bipartition operation and Ordeals of Bipartition surgery and how to overcome them”. He was also a committee chairman at two sessions of the same conference. From 27to 28 January 2018, he was hosted at the Second Winter School as a member of the Committee on Obesity and Metabolic Surgery organized by TOSS and the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University. Besides, he participated in many conferences, symposiums and scientific studies on metabolic surgery in Turkey and abroad.
In 2017, he participated in the surgeon of excellence program system, organized by the European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery (EAC-BS), and all patients were enrolled in the EAS-BS program. He began his academic studies at the Near East University in Cyprus in 2018. For nearly 7 years, Mr. Muzaffer Alhas been practicing as a physician at the Metabolic Surgery Clinic at the BüyükAnadolu Hospitalin Samsun/ Turkey, where he conducts his operations too. He is married and has a child.

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